Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested but unsure

Before booking a session I insist on meeting up for a coffee to discuss ideas, fears, hopes, and desires. It’s important you get to know me to start building the trust, so when we do get round to the photo shoot you don’t feel you’re suddenly standing in front of a complete stranger. If you live too far away for this then we can do a Skype session. The meeting is entirely without obligation.

Where will the photography take place?

At a place of your choice. It could be at home, or we can find a wonderful location with fabulous rooms.

Shadows & Curves is based in SW Scotland, in Dumfries and Galloway. While there are many beautiful locations here, travelling to other parts of the country is not necessarily a problem

Hair and Makeup?

Some clients prefer to do this themselves, and some have people they already trust and feel comfortable with. But we also have a personally selected group of professionals we work with, which can be arranged.

How much skin do I have to reveal?

It is entirely up to you and your own personal levels of comfort. There is no right or wrong, only what works for you.

What outfits should I have with me?

Bring a range of outfits/lingerie you love so we can do a variety of shoots. If you want to use this as an excuse to go shopping for some amazing underwear…

Photographic Style Ideas?

Painterlyfind inspiration from the old masters to create photos with reference to classic paintings

Edge lightingStylistic black and white where most of the body is in shadow, but outlines and curves are drawn in light

Relaxed casualA baggy shirt or cardigan, a well placed drape or sheet – revealing less while hinting at more

Lingeriedesigned to reveal, conceal and enhance – do you have your favourite, or is this an excuse to buy some more?

Fantasy funare you a huge fan of Game of Thrones, Alice in Wonderland, or even The Zombie Apocalypse?
We can create a boudoir-style set of photos to match

Can I bring a friend for support?

No problem.

Should I wait until I’ve lost weight and been to the gym?

To be honest, I can do more with camera angles and lighting than most people can do with 6 months at the gym and eating cabbage soup. Let’s celebrate who you are now, at this point in your life.

I’m older / larger / have disabilities / had life-altering surgery / (insert fear of choice) – how can I be sure you’ll take good photos of me?

Because I make it my mission for every person to leave my studio feeling better about themselves than when they arrived. A combination of skill with the camera and lighting, and a deep understanding of fears and anxieties, means I won’t just point the camera at you – we will collaborate. We will work together to create images you’ll love. If we are shooting indoors I will tether my camera to a laptop so as I take the pictures they appear on the screen. This way you get to learn how to work with the camera – how a tilt of the head here, a turn of the body there etc, can dramatically change how you look. At the end of the session we will go through the images together so you can decide which ones you would like me to edit. In the extremely unlikely event (so rare it has never happened) you do not like any of the photos, I will delete them all and refund your deposit.


I will edit the photos so they look the best they can, but my general rule is I will only remove or alter something that wouldn’t be there a month later. So yes, I can remove spots, a bruise, a rash or a chip in the tooth, but I won’t alter your size and shape. These photos are about celebrating the wonderful you, no matter your age, size or shape. If I turn these photos into someone else then it undermines the whole purpose to feel great about who you are. If there are parts of your body you feel self conscious about then we use drapes, camera angles and creative lighting.

Shadows and Curves - sensual portraiture
Shadows and Curves - artistic
Shadows and Curves - body confidence
Shadows and Curves - boudoir photography

When do I see the photos?

If shooting indoors, I will tether the camera to a laptop so you can see the images as I take them. This way you get to learn how to work with the camera – how a tilt of the head here, a turn of the body there etc, can dramatically change how you look. At the end of the session we will go through the images together so you can decide which ones you would like me to edit. We will then arrange a date to look through the final images together to see which ones you would like to keep.

Is my deposit transferable if I need to change the date of my booking?

Yes, if you give at least 2 weeks notice and you rebook within 3 months. Your deposit is non-refundable if you cancel or don’t turn up.

How much is this going to cost me?

There are a range of options we can discuss – from entry level where you deal with your own hair and makeup and we shoot at your house – through to having professional hair and makeup artists at fabulous locations. A lot also depends on the number of photos you want and the way you want them presented. We will tailor a package designed around your desires and your budget, and can discuss this in more detail when we meet up for a coffee, Skype or phone call.

You keep mentioning coffee. Can we drink anything else?

Actually, I know one of the best places in Scotland for hot chocolate…

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